Page Load Speed in B2B marketing websites

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Why Page Load Speed in B2B marketing websites matters?

Google estimates that for every extra second your B2B marketing web pages take to download, your conversion rate (the percentage of web visitors who convert to a customer) drops by a whopping 20%.

Bear in mind that Google is basing this on the huge amount of data they see going through both their advertising system and Google Analytics, so this is very accurate intel you can use in your marketing.

It’s a terrifying statistic. Every extra second your website takes to load could be losing another 20% of sales and sales profits.

One of the major problems is that websites, in general, don’t load fast enough.

This can be because of your hosting provider, or how your website has been built, or both. It’s why your decision about who is going to manage your website and Online Marketing going forward is one of the most important you’ll make.

There’s another more subtle benefit from improving your page load speeds:

If you do pay-per-click advertising on Google, one of the key components of success is your Quality Score, which is a score from 1 – 10 that Google gives all of your keywords.

Put simply, the higher your Quality Score, the cheaper your cost per click and the higher up the page you’ll appear.
One of the key elements that Google looks at when deciding your Quality Score is the load time of the pages you’re sending traffic to.

So the faster your pages load, the higher your Quality Score, and the more successful your Google campaigns will be.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels