Send More Emails to Your B2B Customers and Make Leads

Get B2B Leads sending more email and get more customers

Why You Should Send More Emails to Your B2B Customers How to Make More Leads?

If you want more customers and sales, then send more emails to your B2B customers and get more leads.

It is very likely with certainty that you’re not sending enough emails. How do we know this?

Because hardly anyone is sending enough emails.

The average email open rate is 20%.

Here’s a key fact you should consider:

That means that to reach 100% of your customers, you would need, on average, to send five emails. Or to put it another way, if you’re only sending one email each month, it’s going to take you five months to reach all of your customers. Can you afford all this time?

You must get your customers used to receive at least two or three emails each week.

The secret to doing that successfully is not to bombard them with sales messages. Some of your emails should just be packed with useful information, or tips and advice, or links to
your social media posts and links to your online videos. We already discovered how online videos can help your marketing efforts.

When you do that, your customers actually end up looking forward to receiving your emails and are more than happy if some of them make them an offer or encourage a sale.

The main advantage of why you should be sending more emails is because it’s FREE.
Marketing for Free is good in the best of times. During turbulent times, it’s essential.

So please, send more emails to make more B2B Leads!

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels