Marketing and lead generation efforts

Marketing and lead generation

Marketing and lead generation efforts for your website

Your website efforts for B2B marketing and lead generation are some of the most important things you need to pay attention to to get more B2B leads. One of the best-kept secrets in business is that virtually everybody hates their websites. Yet we all need them to showcase our business or sell directly.

If you’re frustrated at your website, if it’s not getting the sales and customers you want if you get traffic to your website but that traffic doesn’t convert to paying customers – believe me – you are not alone.

People hate their websites because their websites don’t make them enough money

The sites don’t make enough money because we’ve all been sold a massive lie by the web design industry.

The biggest lie about marketing and lead generation:

“Build a B2B marketing website and the customers will come.”

In other words, the web designers tell you that if you just build a site that looks good, with great design and functionalities, the customers will surely follow.

Are the customers coming to your B2B marketing website just because of this?

Only problem is, as you may have already discovered, it doesn’t work. It’s a big lie.

I can show you hundreds of really great-looking websites that went out of business because they didn’t do the number one thing that all successful websites must do:

Visits didn’t convert the visitor to a buyer, because…

Many websites are made around the concept of design, not the concept of conversion…

I’ve actually got nothing against web designers. All the ones I know are very nice people. But the clue is in their job description:

Web “DESIGNERS“, not web marketing specialists or SEO webmasters

What they understand well is “Design”. They do not, in most cases, understand “CONVERSION” and “Search engine optimization”, but they should!

The person running your online marketing (ideally this is you) needs to be a world-class expert on website conversion.

Having in mind B2B Marketing and lead generation, have a think about this:

Let’s assume you went into business to achieve financial independence for yourself and your loved ones. If that’s the case, that independence is obviously only going to come from the money in your bank account or the shares you have.

That money is going to come from your customers

I think we can all agree that in today’s world, everyone who becomes a customer is either going to come directly from your website, or they’re at least going to check out your website before they make a decision to buy.

So your website is going to play the key role in ‘converting’ them to customers

In other words, your website determines how many customers you have, which determines your income, which determines your financial well being.

So it’s no exaggeration to say that
your website could be destroying your business
if it’s not being run properly by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Photo by Caio from Pexels