Why You Should Put Your Phone Number Everywhere On Your Website

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Have you ever thought to put your phone number on every page on your website? If not, do it now!

The fact that 60% to 70% of your website visitors are likely to be on Mobile is a major challenge. But it’s also a big opportunity and you should try to exploit it.

These customers are holding a phone in their hands while surfing. So how about getting them to call you.
All you’ve got to do is convince them to tap their phone and they’re through to you for a potential sale.

This is a major overlooked opportunity when doing marketing. People forget that, before the internet, the telephone was the number-one sales tool for anyone in business. It was the best option because if you can speak to someone, there’s a much higher chance of them buying – and they’ll often spend more than someone you don’t get the chance to speak to.

So your website should have your phone number EVERYWHERE.

On mobile, it should be an easy tap-to-call button and it should repeat several times on your main pages. This really can be a game-changer for you and your business.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels